So, I know what you're probably thinking....the right smell, oh this should be a good one!!  Interestingly enough,  for those interested in boosting your home's selling advantage, this info could possibly put you in a better spot.  I did some research on ideas that seem to help set a home apart from others that buyers are looking at.  First and foremost....You must start with a clean, organized home.  Take the time to go through your home and give it a good thorough cleaning.  From dusting, wiping down the cabinets, mopping, vacuuming and go even further and have the carpets steam cleaned or if necessary replaced.  A lot of times, odors will seep deep down in the carpets and remain there.  It's hard for a homeowner to smell any offsetting odors in their own home simply because they're used to it and LIVE there and what can appear to be "odor free" for some can be very offensive to others  This is why it is a must to at least put forth some effort in helping put yourself as the seller into the best possible position along with your real estate agent in selling your home.

Next, "Less is more".  We've all heard this expression time and time again and just a quick history lesson on this infamous term, adopted by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (1886 to 1969), one of the founders of modern architecture and a proponent of simplicity of style.  Less is more when it comes to preparing your home for the market.  What looks perfectly fine; everything in a certain place, well organized or NOT, for the owner may appear incredibly cluttered and overwhelming to a buyer which can skew their vision of the home.  Important to remember this when readying your home to sell.  You must be able to give the buyer the best picture for them in envisioning their own furnishings, decor; etc.  

Importantly, another and simple idea that is most often overlooked is having your home smelling nice and pleasant to help boost the chances of your home selling.  This is accomplished by creating an ambient, appealing scent throughout the home.  This however, does not mean spraying 5 minutes before arrival of a prospective buyer an air full of product that claims to "freshen" or neutralize".  Scented sprays oftentimes will only mask odors and quite possibly be overpowering and create the illusion that you are trying to cover-up an even more stinkier stink. 

Recommendations of a few "selling scents" would be anything citrus(y), including hints of Lemon, Orange and other familiar scents such as Cinnamon, Cedar, Pine, and Vanilla scents.  Once you've decided on the scent you will use stick with the one scent throughout the home.  Research has shown that scents DO play a role in selling, so next time you are getting your home ready, go ahead and add this to your checklist when preparing your home and lastly...don't forget to contact us for specialized knowledge of the market and representation for your sale.