In this era of social media, buyers will see your house online long before it is shown to the first prospective customer.  Make sure that you showcase it in the best way possible with stunning photography.

1.   Photos, photos, photos!  Make sure you have a great number of pictures.  You have heard that location is the most important factor for home sales.  Whether or not you have a good location, no one will see it it they can't find beautiful photos on Zillow,, or through your real estate agent's media ads.  Studies show that homes with less than six photos don't get a second look.

2.   Remove ALL clutter.  A staged home looks great in pictures.  That means removing all of your personal belongings, unless they have some great feng shui. Simplicity is beautiful when taking good shots.

3.   Yardwork.  We all know this, but take a good look at the front of your house from a buyer's perspective.  Cut the grass, trim the shrubs that cover up that beautiful exterior, and plant flowers, even in winter.  Some flowers, such as pansies, will last through snowstorms.  A good photo taken in not too bright sunlight will make a world of difference in curb appeal.  If interior shots are taken on a rainy day, choose another day to photograph the exterior.

4.   Renovations.   When possible, invest in making your home look bright and cheerful by painting the walls or cabinets, or installing new flooring.  Even DIY wood-look flooring will be much more clean and fresh for your visitors than aging carpet.  Visit open houses to see the most recent trends in countertops, flooring, and light fixtures.

5.   Hire a professional.  It will be a small investment to hire a professional photographer, but they will have a world of experience that may not occur to the average mobile phone photographer.  Photographers invest in quality equipment such as wide angle lenses to make rooms look bigger, and know how to handle difficult lighting situations.  They can also edit the pics to make your home look better than you could have imagined.