As we begin 2019, will you expect more of the same or can you truly set some great goals and achieve them?  Christmas to me is always a wonderful time of the year and Judy calls me Mr. Christmas.  Our house is loaded with lights, inside and outside and up the roof and across it, with our train in the yard all lit up.  I would keep it like this all year but alas, that doesn't fit into the neighborhood scenery.

But the attitude of Christmas is something we can keep all year.  To be cherry, helpful, friendly, outgoing and giving.  This is something here at Kaufmann Realty that we want to do.  As we continue our Concierge Real Estate service, we want to be all these things to our clients, agents and anyone interested in knowing more about real estate and how we can help them.  

It is difficult to project what the year will be, but we look at it with a positive approach, big goals and the fact that Bella Vista is still the place to live in this great country of ours.  It is a quiet community with lots of activity.  I would still consider it to be "The best kept secret in the U.S.A." and this is the best place for you to be.  Come join us.