As I peer out the window, the sun is brightly shining on this 30th day of July.  Doesn't appear to be a cloud in the sky today; compared to yesterday, a rather wet day I guess I should say.  I've asked myself this question more than twice and probably more like twenty times over the past few weeks...WHERE HAS THIS SUMMER GONE???  I'm sure those of you reading this have probably asked yourself the same question.  Well...Where did this summer go??  I honestly don't have a clue where mine went.  It seems like a week ago my ten   year-old was getting out of school for summer break and here they are about to return in a few weeks, OH MY!  Sometimes, well actually a lot of the Time, I wish it would slow down. 

Not certain what direction this Blog is going in so I suppose I'll just keep typing until it comes to me.:)  I have loads of things I could talk about, like the presidential campaign underway(I won't go there!lol), the road work on I-49 finally nearing an end, recent talk of the cost to complete the Bella Vista Bypass project, my ten year-old, the "has been" stump dump it really out for good??lol, the mega growth here in NWA, the poor homeless dogs and cats that need good loving homes OR selling/buying homes.  I think I'm onto something here now, this really does work when you just let your mind wonder and your hands do the typing!! YAYYYY!!  I'll talk about real estate; that seems appropriate enough, right?!?:) I want to share with you a little about myself and how I CAN talk about real estate, I'm no pro by any means just yet, but you wait and keep up with me and I WILL be a pro in this profession soon enough.  I believe in myself, giving a 110%, hard work and last but not least, I'm not a quitter and besides, quitting isn't an option, it's not in my vocabulary.  

I'd like to share just how it came to be that I came into real estate.  Roughly two years ago, I started thinking over what is it I could possibly do that I could be good at, serve others as in my current profession as a licensed physical therapist assistant, enjoy WHILE being able to provide for my daughter and myself as well as becoming successful, and I decided...real estate.  Not a huge exorbitant start-up expense, unlike returning to college for another degree.  I went to an evening Meet & Greet about two years ago in Joplin, Missouri when my daughter and I were living in that area.   It was put on by Keller Williams.  I went, listened, talked with a few agents, thanked the speaker and was on my way after a few hours.  I didn't really jump into anything immediately although I kept it in the back of my mind.  I continued working in physical therapy and continue to at this point in time.  About a year ago, after relocating back to NWA from Missouri, I was working in out-patient therapy and was introduced to a very sweet and lovely person.  Her name just happened to be Judy Kaufmann, the wife of Lou Kaufmann, the owner and Broker of Kaufmann Realty here in Bella Vista.  Judy shared with me this fact and I remember my ears standing straight up, fully open and my eyes bright!  I wanted to know more.  Judy took pride in sharing Lou's mentorship in real estate.  Long story short, I stopped by Kaufmann Realty one day last Fall(2018) to say Hello to Judy, after all it had been a couple of months since I had seen Judy and possibly get to meet Lou.  I did in fact meet Lou this day and he took the time to visit with me and tell me a few things about real estate and ask me a few questions.  Lou was very cordial and invited me to their monthly sales meeting that was set for the following week.  I thought about it and kept telling myself that if I were planning on making a career change that this is probably the best time to do it because in about a year were major Medicare changes coming that were going to affect the therapy world significantly and not knowing if I would have work I made the decision to DO IT!  I went to that sales meeting and I went to the next one and the next and the next.  I wanted to be around other agents and hear what all I could and soak in as much information as I could get from the other agents and Lou, himself.  I know probably all of the agents were asking...why does this girl keep showing up to our meetings and she's not even in real estate?!?!  This is the "WHY"...I attended nearly all of the sales meetings from I believe November 2018 because I wanted to not go into real estate completely blind, I wanted to know at least a sliver about it beforehand.   I started planning for my real estate school classes in January 2019.  My classes were scheduled and was set, this was beginning to get very real:).  Time came and I went to my classes Friday, Saturday and Sunday about 9 hrs each day and the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 hour days.  Needless to say, by that second weekend of classes, working during the week, caring for my ten year-old during the week and my father taking charge on the weekends, and trying to find time to study, I was EXHAUSTED!  But, I made it through as grueling as it was and now to study for the state board exam.  I took about 3-4 weeks off and then prepared to study for this huge exam.  I finally studied long enough and scheduled for the exam.  Exam day came and if you're like me, exams are nerve-wracking and stressful but this time I told myself that I would go into this with a positive outlook and not put that anxiety on myself and that I would not beat myself up if it turned out not so good.  I followed this and was relaxed throughout the exam and did my best.  It was by no means any easy exam, I had to review several questions that I was stumped on and finally chose the best answer I felt it to be.  After nearly 3 hours and 40 minutes, I finished the exam and then waited outside the testing room for my results.  FAIL...The four letters I dreaded to see or hear!  I was stunned of course because I felt pretty good after the exam.  I had missed the law portion of the exam by 3 lousy points!  UGGGHHHH!  After processing this and realizing that "hey, I missed it by only 3 points and plus I DON't have to repeat the State portion of the exam" I was okay with it.  I scheduled to retake exam as soon as I got home for that following week, I didn't want to waste any time! 

I studied throughout that week and the following Friday came, EXAM DAY!  Again, positive thinking, positive vibes here and completed the law portion in under two hours.  I had no idea really how I had done, but I felt OK with it.  I waited once again for my results as my mind is all over the place during this time...PASS, these were the BEST four letters of the day!  I had finally done it this time!  I was on cloud nine and with a few tears of joy in my eyes as I left the testing center.  I really had no desire to immediately call anyone to share my great news; I wanted to savor the moment myself for some odd reason but nevertheless, eventually within the next hour or so I shared the news to those close to me.  I was so extremely happy, excited and ready to get to work!  What better company to begin at than Kaufmann?

Here I am four months later and have had two closings, listed 4 lots, working on a fifth, looking for property for an individual from New York and feeling lucky and blessed that ambition and tenacity still drive me.  I also continue to work in therapy as well and has been challenging trying to juggle everything on one plate but like I always say...I like a good challenge every now and then.   A huge 'Thank You' to the ones who supported me through, as if not for them it would have been almost impossible to do this. 

I'm no Pro yet, but I am determined to learn everything possible about this profession and become a top producing agent one day built on good character and that being Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.