Judy and recently took a winter vacation to visit some friends in Bonita Springs, Florida.  It was cold here when we left and it was delightfully warm there.  We went swimming and enjoyed the beach and of course, ate too much.  Weather could not have been better except there was a problem.  The traffic was terrible.  In Sarasota it was bumper to bumper and you could not find a place to park.  In the Naples area it was the same.  When we left we headed east across the state to Coco Beach and had that same traffic problem over there.  Visited in Orlando and it was bumper to bumper and as we were leaving on Interstate 95 heading north, it was crowded and the traffic coming south on 95 was unbelievable.  Of course it was on a Friday afternoon.  We are home now where we pass a car now and then.

A recent article on the Internet ranked Bella Vista the best place to retire in Arkansas.  Our population is pushing 28,000 and a median priced home is only $163,000.  Cost of living is 13% below the national average and one of the best cities overall for successful aging.  Have a high number of doctors per capita and a low serious crime rate.  We were so happy to get home and enjoy all that we have here and really appreciate it.  Come visit and see for yourself.