Hello friends,

Here is a letter that was published in our local newspaper.  It really captures the beauty and serenity of our beautiful city, Bella Vista, Arkansas, and the neighboring communities of Bentonville, Rogers, Pea Ridge, Gravette, and all of northwest arkansas.  We are so blessed to live in this safe land of natural beauty.





BY Charles E. Grubbs

Bella Vista


Contemplation: Where is a place on earth that one can live and finally be at peace, where one can in touch with nature. To be able to drive through the neighborhoods, or even to the store or one of many parks or churches, or just relax in the yard and see an abundance of wildlife. Deer and, right now, the bucks are in “velvet”, to see mothers with their fawns, one, two or three even. To be able to see squirrels going nuts and playing, rabbits, raccoon's, bobcats, turkey, eagles on almost a daily basis. To be able to sit in your yard and, because it is so peaceful, be able to just be at peace with oneself and take a nap if you want. The music is the wind through the tall trees and the chirping of the cardinal, or perhaps a painted bunting. Listen to your children or grandchildren play without a care and they are safe. To have so many kind and wonderful neighbors who care about what is good in the community.


The ability to sit outside gazing at the stars, see the thousands of lightning bugs and listen to the chirps of frogs and crickets. To be able to have access to so many lakes right in your community, to watch the sunrise, sunset, or maybe even a moon rise, and see the reflection of what God has blessed us with. To be safe from those that do so much harm in our society. To take your children to get an ice cream cone, or go swimming, or to see the beauty of so many waterfalls or just take a walk or ride on a bicycle on so many beautiful trails. To take a camera and have so much to capture with so much peaceful beauty around. To have so many good people to give you support, compassion and caring if and when you are in need. To take your family and go on a picnic and to be able to file those memories away in yours and your familys hearts. The quiet. The serenity and peace. The warm love you can feel that is growing in your soul. That feeling you have secretly yearned for but could not find, and you and your family have searched so long so that you can live out the days that God has given to you and to have it all with your soul mate and best friend.

Bella Vista is that place.

Is it a dream? If it is, please do not wake me.

God, thank you, for such a blessing.