1. Make the front yard look nice

First impressions are everything to potential buyers. The frontal view of your home is the “snapshot” that people take before entering. A simple addition of flowers, trim of the bushes, or fresh cut of the grass makes a huge difference.

2. Touch up the paint

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a touch up in a few spots, fresh paint puts that extra pizzazz in your home.

3. New handles for the cabinets

This one is simple but maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind. New cabinet handles make a big difference when people are walking throughout your home. So throw out those old handles and get some shiny new ones.

4. Caulk the bathroom

Bathrooms are a big selling point in any home. Find those small cracks in your bathroom and get out your caulk gun. Touching up these little spots on your sink or tub can make the bathrooms look like they have just been remodeled.

5. Deep clean

You would think this one is a given but so many people miss it. Get the vacuum out, mop those floors, and wipe down everything. Nothing is more impressive than a house that has no blemishes.

6. New lamp shades

Keep the lamps, but ditch the outdated lampshades. Purchase some shades that go with the flow of the house. Make everything consistent throughout your home. This is something no one thinks of but it goes a long way.

7. New faucets

Newly updated faucets make the kitchen or bathroom feel brand new again. This is a very inexpensive way to add some value to your home.